March 21st, 2008


More sprouts today! This time inside. These are actually my black eyed susans, but when I was planting them, basil seeds got stuck to everything. So as you can see, even though there isn’t any sign of the black eyed susans, the basil seems to be having a great time. I’m really excited about the purple basil, it was depicted on the seed envelope, but some how I just didn’t believe it would really be purple. Although mixing seeds was just a mistake, I should start looking for a book about what plants do well together. I don’t have as many planters as I need on the roof, so some plants are just going to need to share with others.

My Mother-of-Millions, which has remained dormant all winter, just started to produce babies, a lot of them. It’s potted in a really tiny pot, so I either need to start potting the babies, or giving them away.


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